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Radha Krishna Temple

Who we are?

The Hindu Welfare Association was founded in January 2005 with a view to provide a Theosophical and Philosophical Cultural Centre, based on the Hindu Culture.  The goal of the association is to promote peace and harmony within the multicultural community in the local and surrounding areas.  This was required as there is no such facility available in the vicinity.

In 2008 the association acquired the present building for £630,000. The purchase was funded by a bank loan of £420,000, a private loan of £150,000 and from various donations.

What are we doing?

Since 2008 improvements have been carried out on the building from donations received along with grants to facilitate Worshiping, Puja and Bhajan/Kirtan.  The building still needs further improvement to provide daily social and religious activities for the retired and the disabled old age pensioners as well as providing a foundation for children and youth.

The trustees and the executive committee have decided to launch an appeal for the building fund to repay the outstanding loans which currently stands at £540,000.  The repayment of these loans would not only ease the burden of the association but would enable it to provide better facilities to devotees.  This will allow the association to progress further in its objectives of serving the community.

How can you help us?

We need moral and financial support from you. Make sure people are aware of the existence of our temple and make sure they visit the temple regularly. We also urge every one to support this worthy cause by donating generously.  As a registered charity (charity number 1111503) all donations under Gift Aid would enable the association to reclaim tax and thus further enhancing the donations.  If the donor is a higher rate tax payer they will be able to also claim back tax on any donation made which in turn will reduce the net amount donated by the donor.